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Crosshairs Rogue Drones by Pferron Doss

Crosshairs Rogue Drones

by Pferron Doss

206 pages
There used to be a time when men stood back to back, took ten paces, turned and shot. Now you sit on your front porch and send your drone out two miles to do your shooting for you.

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Category: Fiction:Young Adult
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About the Book
Miles Watson, an adventurous but bored high school senior, is ordered by his father, a gang taskforce detective, to stop flying remote control helicopters and airplanes, but the urge and rage of recent events becomes too overwhelming. He is deviously introduced to the new sport of drone racing, becoming an exceptional competitor. As he becomes more technically adept, his passion drives him to fly the night skies, stealthily seeking out gang bangers. A notorious drug lord finds the new technology intriguing and seeks experienced pilots for illicit purposes. Miles and two of his best friends consent to work undercover but their naiveté places them directly in the crosshairs of an all-out riveting drone war.


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About the Author
Pferron Doss Pferron Doss studies videos on the web then considers himself a pro, despite crashing his remote control airplane in three minutes and his helicopter that met the same fate. Now he believes he can fly recreational drones. Luckily this time, he realizes he should stick to story-telling.



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