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Big Apple or Big Sky by Fred M Rhodes

Big Apple or Big Sky

by Fred M Rhodes

382 pages
Big Apple or Big Sky; which is it to be? The two places couldn't be more different, but both pull strongly on emotions and future plans. Are there reasonable compromises that can be made, or is the pull too strong to resist?

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Category: Fiction:Romance
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About the Book
Beth thought she had successfully made the transition from Big Sky Montana to Big Apple New York City, but it is unraveling. Her use of illegal drugs brings excitement but not the happiness she expected. Returning to Montana seems like a worse alternative.

Tee, born and raised in the West, travels to New York City periodically as part of his job, and accepts and endures it as a trade-off for the freedom he is allowed at other times. In the Big Apple, he meets Rachel, and begins to rethink his distaste for the East.

A tragic murder brings little Essie into the lives of Rachel and, unavoidably, Tee.

Darron, another true son of the West, can't seem to get Beth to reconsider returning there.

Ryan does not want to lose Beth, but he is not sure he wants to give up the big-city lifestyle he and Beth have enjoyed together.

Can such diverse lifestyles be merged, and if so, where?

Who will sacrifice their own comfort zone to be with the one they love?

Only Henry and Liz have it figured out perfectly.



About the Author
Fred M Rhodes Fred M Rhodes' latest novel introduces new characters while retaining some from his previous books about Montana and Wyoming. Originally from Colorado, he lives in Washington state, but spends much of his free time in places described in the book fishing and gathering material for his books.



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