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BASIC GRAMMAR: A Foundational Guide to Proper English by Julie Pecuch

BASIC GRAMMAR: A Foundational Guide to Proper English

by Julie Pecuch

140 pages
BASIC GRAMMAR: A Foundational Guide to Proper English provides clear, concise lessons that teach basic English grammar with simple explanations, helpful tips and meaningful exercises. The book presents English parts of speech in a traditionally structured and easy to understand way with each lesson building upon a previously taught skill.

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Category: Education
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About the Book
Basic Grammar: A Foundational Guide to Proper English is designed for anyone who would like to learn basic English grammar skills and concepts. This text can be used in the classroom or as a self learning guide. Elementary and middle school students, college freshmen, English as a Second Language learners, as well as adults seeking to speak and write better English will find this book helpful.

It cannot be overstated how important it is to speak and write well. Poorly spoken English can cause people to judge you negatively. Not knowing proper English basics can also have a negative effect on endeavors in college and in work related projects. There are actually only a few areas where most mistakes are made. Several of these common grammatical errors and how to avoid them are covered in this text.

Many students think that learning proper English is daunting but, in reality, the concepts are straightforward and easily mastered. The secret is having the proper foundation upon which more advanced skills can be built.

This text presents English grammar in a traditionally structured and simplistic way with each lesson building upon a previously taught skill. Understanding grammar is really like building a house. There are very basic components that support a more complicated structure. Without a good foundation, no structure can be built properly.

There is no emphasis on memorizing the material unless the reader wishes to do so. The book is more about understanding and learning than being able to recite the contents. In most cases, anyone who needs additional instruction in English grammar can pursue other avenues. The goal of this text is to present the fundamentals of grammar so that the learner will be more confident in everyday English language usage or future advanced study will be easier. Anyone who completes the course should be able to speak and write more confidently.

Exercises are not meant to “grade” students. They are provided to give practice in learning the skill covered in the section. Upon completing the course material, the student should be confident when asked to identify most parts of speech and should have a thorough understanding of how English grammar functions on its most basic level.

Technically, the material in this text is on a third grade level, which is the period that the foundations of English grammar should be taught. The next few grade levels should reinforce and enhance the concepts learned in third grade. The same can be said for math concepts as well. This is why third grade is arguably the most important educational year for students. Unfortunately, today a vast majority of schools do not emphasize grammar in the classroom. Students in public schools have minimal understanding of proper English grammar which does not bode well for future academic achievement.

This text is NOT geared toward reading comprehension. Although reading comprehension is important, true comprehension cannot be achieved until a student has a competent knowledge of the structure of language itself.

This book was initially conceived because a simple, traditional text that actually taught English grammar in a logical and meaningful way did not seem to exist. Although “practice” texts that give simple explanations are available, texts that follow a logical progression of grammar skills or that actually teach grammar are few and far between.

This text was created to help those seeking a simple, understandable explanation of the most basic foundational concepts of English grammar.



About the Author
The author is a former teacher with an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education and a Master's Degree in Library Science. She spent most of her working career as an IT contractor specializing in database analysis. Her many duties included creating technical manuals and resource guides for new processes and software.



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