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Medea's Mask: The Human Face of Chaos by Jay Turney

Medea's Mask: The Human Face of Chaos

by Jay Turney

282 pages
As our knowledge of the world grows, our knowledge of danger grows also. We need to add some more horsemen to the original Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse - climate change, mind control, even meteors. Yet we are conditioned to ignore this, to keep consuming, as if we can cover up the truth. This is the story of how the cover-up has failed.

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Category: Social Science
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About the Book
As much as we suffer from collective amnesia, believing the present moment is the worst of times or the best of times, the intense anxiety many people are feeling has been around for quite a while. This anxiety was perhaps sharper among some than others, but now seems ubiquitous, reflected in areas as diverse as economic fears, nuclear proliferation, presidential tweets, even mistaken Oscar announcements.

This is not just about politics or even economics, but the culture and mass psychology of an entire people. That is why solutions, if they come at all, are not going to be easy. This author does not believe in offering platitudes or fairy stories, but in looking honestly at what confronts us, as responsible adults and not just consumers of junk optimism.


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About the Author
Jay Turney was born in 1958 in Joplin, Missouri, straddling the cusp between the old ways under assault, and the new ways themselves subject to reactive perplexity. After obtaining a degree in English literature he travelled cheaply but extensively, read and consumed media omnivorously, and worked odd jobs until finally settling down. He lives on 22 acres in Galena, Kansas, surrounded by forest, prairie, and strip mines.



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