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DIGGING FOR CLUES by Donna B. MacDonald


by Donna B. MacDonald

630 pages
Alexandra Mackenzie and her new husband, Chief of Police, Andrew Marlow, attempt to solve several mysteries in their town and their two dogs and two cats jump into the fray to help.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
A rise in crime threatens to bury the peace and quiet of a small New England town, in this third book of the Mackenzie Falls mysteries. Alex Mackenzie is now married to her sweetheart, Andy Marlow, Police Chief of Mackenzie Falls. When a group of high school seniors running the school newspaper set out to solve the town's drug problem, Andy and Alex try to stop them.

One of the kids, Mike, arrives home one day to find his mother dead of what looks like a suicide but may not be. Is it related to their investigation? Or to his father and his nefarious activities?

Then, Frankie, also a member, goes missing. Is it because of his work on their investigative piece? Or is someone else after him?

The kids back off, but the crimes continue. Alex and Andy's pets, Bootsie, a Bernese Mountain dog, and BamBam, their little Scoodle, and even Lucy their white kitty cat, all find clues. Meanwhile, Simon, their Maine Coon cat, tries to get everyone to relax.

Alex and Andy's personal lives suddenly go off track when Alex's mother announces she's selling her house. Alex and Andy live in half of the house, so they are about to lose a place to live. Julie, and Andy's mother, Peggy, have decided to buy a condo together, a penthouse on top of a luxury condo overlooking the water. So, while Andy and Alex are on the trail of a killer, they now have to find a place to live for them and their four critters.

Before they get too far, their lives are further complicated by a second murder, a kidnapping closer to home, and a ruthless drug dealer on the lam. Follow the dynamic duo and their four-footed family as they dig for clues and uncover the truth.



About the Author
Donna MacDonald wrote the Mackenzie Falls mysteries including THE DOG DIDN'T DO IT and THE RIDDLE OF THE FURRY PAW. Her books include MURDER AT THE COPLEY and others. Donna was a Pinkerton detective and later, a librarian. She lives on Cape Cod with her pets and family.



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