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Congratulations, You Suck by Josh Pederson

Congratulations, You Suck

by Josh Pederson

468 pages
Author Grey Keating is sliding down the backside of his twenties. He once wrote a best-selling book that didn't exactly flatter his hometown. Between that and his ex-girlfriend (a professional blogger) writing a book about how much he and their romance sucked, he's forced to face his past, the future and the tragedies of being human.

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About the Book
Grey Keating is a washed up writer, or so he thinks. Having once written a novel that didn't exactly flatter the people of his hometown, he's arguably the most hated person in Woodland. Between that and his professional blogger ex-girlfriend writing a book about what a terrible human being he is, he's well on his way to a mental break-down of life-altering proportions. As the past rears its ugly head, Grey is forced to face his ghosts, a future he's been avoiding, and the tragedies of being human.

Congratulations, You Suck is a story about mental health, heartbreak, growing up, and learning to be human in a world that makes monsters out of everybody.



About the Author
Josh Pederson is a writer from Orange County, who specializes in writing regular fiction and science-fiction. Outside of his books, you can find his work on his blog called "I'm Not Okay, but I'll Get There" and hear him talking on a podcast he co-hosts called Pop Culture Cosmos.



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