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What's Going on in the Coaching World? by Kelvin Lim Kian Meng

What's Going on in the Coaching World?

by Kelvin Lim Kian Meng

406 pages
Never seen before road map to the critical components of what makes coaching work, blended with candid snapshots of life. This book will matter to people who care about living, transforming and evolving lives, including their own.

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About the Book
THIS BOOK WILL MATTER TO PEOPLE WHO CARE ABOUT LIVING, TRANSFORMING AND EVOLVING LIVES, INCLUDING THEIR OWN. (a.k.a. the whole generation of people waking up to the idea of being responsible for themselves, out of the "lost" internet generation).

These are the people who have the makings of an amazing coach.

Except the information they are receiving about coaching is confused, garbled and unclear.

What’s Going on in the Coaching World? is a daring, never-seen before mapping of the critical components of what makes coaching work, what is coaching, and what is not coaching, celebrating the uniqueness of the coaching world.

Whether you are a newbie or experienced coach, or someone interested to learn about coaching or someone interested to be coached or someone seeking to be trained as a coach, this book will reframe the coaching world for you, starting with the detail of 20 general principles of coaching and in its clear overview of 37 areas of coaching. This book also highlights 10 major coaching approaches and 8 minor / niche coaching approaches, and takes a liberty to confront what coaching is not by highlighting 8 non-coach approaches.

Compacted into 406 pages, the chapters have been carefully arranged for easy reference and repeated readings.

Just like how coaching can be confronting when pushing one's boundaries, neither does this book stop at providing mere technicalities!

Get to know master coach-trainer Kelvin Lim Kian Meng, who, for the first time, shares how he created 5 proprietary primary models that are used to train hundreds of coaches at Executive Coach International, the award-winning coaching organization he founded, where a growing community have been transforming the lives of thousands since 2003. He also shares his personal story of evolution of how he become a coach, and what it means to grow and evolve, as a person, and as a coach.

Punctuated with frank and insightful snippets and personal stories, this book offers readers the best of worlds: first-hand clarity and spot-on acumen on the coaching world and transformational work, blended with candid snapshots of life.



About the Author
Kelvin Lim Kian Meng, founder of Executive Coach International, has been coaching, training and certifying coaching and transforming lives since 2003. He is also world record holder of “Most people coached consecutively by a single person” and executive producer for world’s first and award-winning coaching movie Leap.



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