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The Blood of Ages: Fear Na Droch Fhola by James Pasch

The Blood of Ages: Fear Na Droch Fhola

by James Pasch

280 pages
It is at the end of the 17th century and the Vampire nation has risen to power. Within the halls of the Catholic Church it hides and matures under the guise of the Inquisition, looking for others of their kind and condemning those who stand in their way. Their greatest threat does not come from outside their walls but from within their own kind.

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About the Book
In the 16th century the vampire nation was on the rise in Spain. In order to protect their interests, they found refuge and power within the confines of the Catholic Church. Over time it grew in strength, eventually consuming the duties and responsibilities of the Inquisition, twisting and perverting them to their own purpose. With the power and influence of the church behind them, the nation began to expand its empire by broadening its influence and searching out others of its kind.

The greatest threat to the nation did not come from outside, but from within it. A disease they coined “Blood Lust” had appeared. Those who became infected would break out in uncontrollable feeding frenzies. Wherever this happened, the Inquisition stormed in to prevent knowledge of these horrific events from escaping by declaring the village and all of its inhabitants as heretic’s thus killing them as servants of Satan and leaving the village engulfed in flames. This was done with the blessings and resources of the church. They were after all the Inquisition and therefore went unquestioned.

One such vampire was Oserith Fisherday. An Irish knight of the Fourth Crusade who went by the name of Oz. During his time with the crusade, he met Elijah, another vampire suffering from the same uncontrollable callings of the Blood Lust. Together they travel the world hiding from the inquisition that now fears them, knowing the damage the two could cause to their very existence.



About the Author
James Pasch is a Science Fiction Fantasy writer best known for “The Dying Breed” trilogy. He was born in Washington state in 1966 into a military family. He currently resides in Central California outside of San Francisco and the Napa Valley with plans to relocate to southern Ireland.



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