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Rise Beyond Fear To Truth by Claire Grace Eden

Rise Beyond Fear To Truth

by Claire Grace Eden

98 pages
An unexpected otherworldly experience occurs during mundane barn chores on a cold winter morning. The occurrence leads to a refocus on prior studies into the supernatural, deeper meditation practice, and eventually to automatic writing about the current lifetime and its embedded lessons.

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Category: Fiction:Fantasy
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About the Book
On a dark winter morning, while performing routine barn chores, Claire experiences the unexpected otherworldly appearance of a special person who died 24 years ago. Throughout subsequent days, the presence becomes more persistent. Claire seeks assistance from her spiritual educator and slowly gains understanding. In so doing, she is guided to meditate more deeply. She learns to cross the veil and is guided to start writing a book with this special person. She is guided to explore her current earthly life and find the lessons embedded in the mundane. She is guided to read a book about the soul planning that occurs between physical lives. From this work emerges an understanding of her own soul plan and lessons as well as acceptance of the manner in which she crossed paths with this special person in this life and in others. She is able to work toward inner peace and acceptance by continuing contact across the veil.

The chapters are presented sequentially, starting before birth, progressing though childhood and into adulthood, with the life lessons embedded in the chapters. When it seems that Claire has completed her life learning, the alternate reality experience begins a series of chapters that focus on other realms and the reasons behind chosen life paths.



About the Author
Claire Grace Eden is educated in the life sciences and trained in aviation. Because of lifelong experiences related to realms beyond our mundane earthly life, she has also pursued study in the area called the supernatural. Because of lifelong material insecurity, she has worked at many "real" jobs.



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