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The Wealthy Writer: How to Earn a Six-Figure Income as a Freelance Writer (No Kidding!) by Michael Meanwell

The Wealthy Writer: How to Earn a Six-Figure Income as a Freelance Writer (No Kidding!)

by Michael Meanwell

409 pages
Earn a sustainable six-figure Income writing for businesses.

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Category: Writing
About the Book
Write Better, Do Business Smarter and Make Good Money Faster!

This special edition e-book, which incorporates Michael?s critically-acclaimed ?The Enterprising Writer?, will show you how to capitalize on the lucrative commercial writing market.

You will learn how to:

+ write for the hottest commercial markets
+ hone your skills to suit specific fields
+ sell yourself to small businesses and large corporations
+ attract new clients
+ promote your business
+ fulfill all of your writing dreams.

Here's what fellow writers and the media are saying:

"One of the most thorough and down to earth guides to the realities of writing . . . packed with the specifics new writers need . . . Meanwell's fluid writing and entertaining style is a pleasure for learning the freelance trade . . . easy step-by-step guides . . . packed with dozens of ideas and examples . . . it covers just about every way I can think of to make a living as a writer . . . "

The Wealthy Writer offers over 400 pages of powerful tools, techniques and insider strategies for building a successful, Six-Figure writing business.

This includes practical instruction and real examples on writing a variety of business communications, from ads, manuals and direct mail to PR, brochures, speeches and for the Web. You will also discover how to convert prospects into clients, and clients into advocates as well as how to apply proven online and offline marketing techniques.

And there's a range of step-by-step copywriting guides, real client samples and templates you can use in your own business.

Whether you are a new writer or you're ready to advance to a new level, The Wealthy Writer will give you the tools, skills and motivation to make serious money from writing.


1. Commercial Writing - A Freelancer's Dream
2. The Right Stuff For Business
3. A Business Plan for Success
4. Supercharge Your Business with Systems and Procedures
5. Getting the Most Out of Working From Home
6. The Cost of Doing Business
7. Get Technical and Tap a Growing Market
8. Welcome to a New World: Writing for the Web
9. The Anatomy of an E-Author
10. Putting the PR into "Professional Writer"
11. Writing Speeches That Magnetize Audiences
12. Cracking the Lucrative Corporate Communications Market
13. What You Must Know to Make It in Advertising
14. The Direct Mail Dozen: Essential Ingredients for Power Writers
15. Marketing Your Business
16. Dot-Communications: Essentials for Building Your Web Site
17. How to Deliver a Dynamic Presentation
18. Formalize Your Business for Long-Term Success
19. The Powerful No-Staffing Secret That Saved My Business
20. Bad Debts: Strategies to Avoid and Redeem Them
21. The Art of Interviewing
22. Strategies for Keeping the Creativity Flowing
23. Tips, Tricks, and Tactics That Destroy Writer's Block
24. Finding the Right Time to Write
25. The Final Word on Writing


This manual is a real winner.
- Ken Silver
...a most useful roadmap.
- Monique Harris
The author shares how writers can earn a good living at their keyboard and he generously illustrates his teachings with stories from his own experience.
- Dan Poynter
I'm impressed with the thoroughness of the book -- it covers just about every way I can think of to make a living as a writer (and I've tried just about all of them over the last 25 years or so).
- Shel Horowitz
Michael Meanwell knows his stuff. His book will rival any book in print on the same subject bar none.
- Jimmy Krug
Stop writing until you read this book. And take notes.
- Kent Butler
He has included all the basics today's writer really need to get started in his or her own writing business. All they have to do is take note and take advantage of the opportunities Michael presents.
- Klaus Dahl
This is the best book about commercial/business writing currently on the market. It's thorough, accurate, step-by-step, and offers real advice and tips -- no fluff.



About the Author
Michael Meanwell Michael Meanwell has been writing professionally for more than 20 years. His experience includes freelance, staff journalist and columnist for various newspapers and national magazines. In more recent years, Michael has specialized as a commercial writer for Kodak, Honda, Ford, World Vision, Cross Writing Instruments, VDO and Royal Selangor Pewter



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