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The Cinnamon Stick - Tales of the Spice Trade by Letta Meinen

The Cinnamon Stick - Tales of the Spice Trade

by Letta Meinen

120 pages
History of cinnamon plus food and art activities.

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Category: History
About the Book
The Cinnamon Stick - Tales of the Spice Trade covers a common spice in a new concept. This book on cinnamon history is in four parts; following each part are food and art activities pertaining to that time in history. I originally wrote this book as a Social Studies book for children, knowing how they love cinnamon. It did not seem to attract any publishers until offered to publish my book.

Cinnamon is mentioned in the Bible and has been in use for thousands of years. It has caused the opening of waterways, many wars were fought over its trade, the world opened up as explorers who discovered new lands in their search for spices and the riches it brought their country. Many events in the history of this world have included cinnamon and spices. I felt the need to add a new concept to seemingly dry history by adding what foods and art activities were in use during those times using modern methods of today.


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About the Author
Letta Meinen has been married to the same man for 57 years and has reached 77 years young. She does not have a list of PhD's or even a college diploma to her credit but loves to read and has taken correspondence courses in Art and Writing. She enjoyed the research on this book as it helped her expand her knowledge of history and rejoiced whenever she found things that applied to her subject of cinnamon. She love to cook and experiment with different foods and cinnamon was always one of her favorite spices. She also has an interest in Art and was active in weaving, sculptured pottery and photography participating in Art Shows for over six years. She loves sayings and includes them in her writing whenever possible. She remarks that it isn't what your degree in higher education is, but what you do with what talents you have and continue to explore those talents. Updating information about me, in March 2003 my husband passed away after a long illness, we had been married for 58 years.




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