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Grief-Stricken My Emotional Journey A Devotion of Truth and Hope by Michelle D. Alexander

Grief-Stricken My Emotional Journey A Devotion of Truth and Hope

by Michelle D. Alexander

86 pages
A glimpse of my journey, the raw & transparent feelings after losing one of the best parts or me, My Daddy! Take a ride with me as I process this new normal, and encourage you to process your feelings related to the loss you have suffered as well. I encourage to hold on to your memories like precious jewels.

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Category: Self Help:Grief
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About the Book
Losing a loved one leaves a void not just in your life, but in your ability to process life. Grief is a multi-faceted emotion. It unfolds almost minute by minute, revealing loneliness, despair, anger, and a host of other emotions. Learning to process these emotions, despite the pain can be therapeutic.

If youíre drowning in grief, having difficulty processing your emotions, or just feel like you wonít make it through, this book is for you. Grief is tough and itís ongoing, you now must deal with a new normal of living without your loved one. While reading this book you will reminisce, recall, remember, and reflect on the life and love you shared with your loved one. Some days you will laugh, some days you will cry, but you will never forget the love you shared.



About the Author
Michelle D. Alexander Michelle D. Alexander is a minister, poet, and writer, known for sharing relatable and heartfelt stories. She is the Author of the emotionally driven poem, "I Wish That You Could Listen To My Heart". She endeavors to make a personal connection with the reader, encouraging forward and positive thinking.



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