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Confessions of a Teenage Loser by NAIRA JAIN

Confessions of a Teenage Loser


168 pages
my head is dismissed as being empty of all complex thought, because how can sixteen years be enough to feel a lifetime’s worth of love and loss? but they forget, they always forget, that hormones and heartbreak both start with an h.

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Category: Poetry
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About the Book
this book is my journey through the struggles of being a teenager. it is proof that teenagers are just as real and beautiful and full of struggles as other people. it is proof that we can love and lose and cry and break just as deeply. it is my way of making my voice heard in a world constantly attempting to silence me.



About the Author
NAIRA JAIN naira’s love affair with the written word started when she was only four years old, and out of all the various addictive substances she’s been exposed to through the insanity of teenhood, poetry is by far her favorite. though she’s written plenty of prose and poetry in the past, this is her first published collection in which she bares the idea of a teenage soul to the world.



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