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Key Largo Summer by Alan Vandervoort

Key Largo Summer

by Alan Vandervoort

234 pages
A young man overcomes the depth of despair with the help of a beautiful woman with a secret and a troubled young poet in a threatened tropical paradise.

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Category: Fiction:Drama
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About the Book
A young man’s journey out of the depths of despair leads to summer adventures of self-discovery and essential relationships. The exotic surroundings of the Florida Keys provide a catalyst for the healing power of a smile and touch of a beautiful young woman with a secret, an off-shore natural wonder, and the insightful poems of a troubled young girl. Through emotional ordeals he wrestles with the paradox of being supportive and supported. An attraction turns into a deeper bond. Can commitment equal endurance? Young lovers will discover if they can triumph together. Is together enough?


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About the Author
Alan Vandervoort is a novelist and poet. He lives in Baltimore, Maryland, with his wife, Rebecca, and rescued cats and dogs. His debut novel is “Sandhills - A Novel.” Alan describes his writings as explorations of human emotions in association with a variety of relatable enthusiasms.



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