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Border City Chronicles by Edmond Gagnon

Border City Chronicles

by Edmond Gagnon

234 pages
A book from the Norm Strom crime fiction series. Baby Shay, Designated Hitters and Knock-Out are three short murder stories, set in gritty neighborhoods of the international border cities Detroit and Windsor. It's all about the street cops and detectives who hunt and pursue the worst of the worst. Killers.

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Category: Fiction:Drama
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About the Book
There is no wall separating the United States from Canada. A river marks the border between Detroit Michigan and Windsor Ontario. The bridge and tunnel that link the two cities make up the busiest international crossings in North America.

Together, they once owned bragging rights as the automotive capital of the world. Both known as blue collar municipalities, Detroit and Windsor have more than the production of automobiles in common. Murder.

The American metropolis once led the nation in killings per capita. Although a fraction of its neighbor’s size, Windsor has its share of homicides.

Border City Chronicles is a collection of three Norm Strom crime fiction stories, all tales of murder. Baby Shay and Designated Hitters take place in two gritty Windsor neighborhoods. Knock-Out happens in the bowels of Detroit.

Follow Norm Strom, his informants and fellow cops, while they slip into the underbellies of the motor cities to seek justice for their victims of homicide.


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About the Author
Edmond Gagnon Edmond Gagnon was a city Police Officer for over 31 years. Upon retiring he traveled the world and wrote, A Casual Traveler. Next, relying on his personal experiences, he created the Norm Strom crime fiction series and wrote the first book, Rat. Subsequent books in the series are Bloody Friday, Torch, Finding Hope, and now Border City Chronicles. Ed still travels and resides in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.



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