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The Single Mother Trying Not To F*ck Up Life by Mel W

The Single Mother Trying Not To F*ck Up Life

by Mel W

162 pages
A short, sharp comedic view of a single mother tying to have it all. As working providers in our forties we are trying to achieve everything from being the perfect mother in an imperfect world, to holding down a job or having a roaring career to being social media goddesses and online dating queens.

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Category: Humor
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About the Book
Life is a fickle thing. No one ever knows where they will end up. The Single Mother Trying Not To F*ck Up Life takes you on a short light hearted comedic journey of how a woman in her forties goes out into the world as a single mother trying to raise her young sons and balancing it all after a 20 year relationship.

The journey of trying to rebuild herself through conventional and unconventional Ďtherapiesí and how we all still have a little Cinderella twinkle in us and want to go to the ball feeling amazing.

This book wonders why, as women, are we our most harshest critics. We all need the right people to support and help us trudge though the sewerplants or skip through the rose gardens aka youíre either in the crap house or the penthouse. There has to be a sisterhood in motherhood. There just does.

The book describes how falling in love for the first time after a twenty year relationship whilst trying to keep your life separate can be difficult as well as the struggle to feel relevant in each otherís fast paced social world.

It also looks at the trials and tribulations of online dating for a woman in her forties, describing the fast and the furious contenders of the MILF factor. Yes people it is real and itís a crazy phenomenon! The adjustment of the dating these days is a world that is all about smartphones, swiping left or right on dating apps, photo filters and likes on your social media accounts as opposed to Motorola flip phones and giggling at a bar.

Whilst the book is generally a comedic take on everyone, thereís the real fears you have when youíre alone and itís quiet as everyone is asleep, free-to-air TV has nothing on and the Netflix remote batteries are flat.

But generally the book lists how as parents, regardless of our single or attached status, there are so many other jobs we do that are not considered volunteer work, tax deductible and cannot be put on our LinkedIn profile. As a single parent, the book has a look inside the world of a clown juggling at the circus.

There are chapters in this book that were originally meant to be magazine articles about women over forty on dating apps. There are just so many facets about being a woman over forty that it canít be just about dating so it became this book.

The author just hopes this book is found to be entertaining to make you laugh on a plane trip or an evening after the kids go to bed.



About the Author
Mel W Mel W is an accidental author based in Sydney. Living with her two young sons, juggling being a single mother, working full time trying to convince herself she is still sane. There are no best sellers to list here as this is her first book and hopes it makes you feel great!

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