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God Has No Church by Trevor Steele

God Has No Church

by Trevor Steele

314 pages
Bruce Golding, a "man of steel", famous for reporting on wars and natural catastrophes, goes to a Pacific island where a tsunami has wrought destruction. There he finds a new meaning in his life, and love.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
Bruce Golding, an Australian photo-journalist well known for harrowing reports on wars and natural catastrophes, is proud of his reputation as a "man of steel". But he is heading for a breakdown, and that occurs on a Pacific island just devastated by a tsunami.

He is nursed back to health by the lovely daughter of the impressive and unorthodox Catholic priest. He falls in love with her, but decides he must go (he has made a mess of one marriage by concentrating on his profession and neglecting his wife and son). He is drawn back to the island when he learns that a ruthless Australian tourist company is about to take over the island and destroy the harmonious way of life of its people.

He cannot save the island but finds a solution for many of the islanders. His fight for them restores his self-confidence and gives him a less cynical view of life.


An exciting and thought-provoking story
- Joanne Johns, Melbourne, Australia
(The Esperanto original) may well be Steele's best novel yet.
- Carlo Minnaja, Italy



About the Author
Trevor Steele Trevor Steele, an Australian who has lived in many countries, now a retired teacher. Has published many historical novels in the international language Esperanto and also some in his first language English. Vitally interested in political developments and in history.



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