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Life's Lessons far... by Gary J. Kelman and Richard T. Gray

Life's Lessons far...

by Gary J. Kelman and Richard T. Gray

626 pages
This book documents lessons the two authors learned over their lifetimes (the view from 30,000 feet); interprets their meanings from personal experiences (the view from ground level); and hopefully passes this information on to their children at the starting line (the view in the rear-view mirror).

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Category: Body, Mind and Spirit
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About the Book
This book is a broad overview of the most important lessons and wisdom gleaned by the two authors during lifetimes of growing up, from childhood to adolescence, adulthood, and beyond, through good times and bad, successes and failures, pride and remorse. Born and bred in different circumstances, chasing different dreams and facing different challenges, they have lived to tell their stories with universal messages and morals that resonate with us all. The lessons paint a broad swath of life, including individual, relationship, and career advice based on personal experiences— a general do’s and don’t’s from those who have been there and hopefully gained something from the bumps and bruises along the way. We’re all the same beneath the surface, and their stories are likely not so different from your own.

The door is wide open— step inside and take a look around. You will recognize more than you expect.



About the Author
Gary J. Kelman and Richard T. Gray Gary and Rich have been neighbors and friends for nearly a decade, through good times and bad. From different backgrounds and foregrounds (Gary an orthopedic surgeon, Rich a career on Wall Street), they have shared both the trivial and the epic that make the(ir) world go round.



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