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The Other Berkeley Another Time by D. Lozano

The Other Berkeley Another Time

by D. Lozano

114 pages
West Berkeley was an industrial section of town. Young boys found a multitude of adventures in this their playground. The teenage years were well lived leading into the promises of adulthood.

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Category: Autobiography
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About the Book
Now nearing the end of the journey, being satisfied with scant accomplishments, but managing to provide for a reasonably comfortable life in the golden years. It has all been an interesting odyssey,

In the beginning the only purpose in life was enjoyment, then in the teen years just getting by should be good enough. Soon the need for long term planning became obvious. Being from the other side of town offered limited prospects for economic growth.

This book tells of one person's pursuit of a better life and people met along the way.



About the Author
D. Lozano Born in Oakland, California then raised in neighboring Berkeley this is a chronology of a path taken by this Mexican-American lad who seemingly without a plan rose to the challenge of a lasting employment at a prestigious national research laboratory. Once guided toward industry then diverted to academia and the world of applied science.This journey could not have foreseen.



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