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Spiritual Encounters at the Kitchen Counter by Joyce Roberts Lott

Spiritual Encounters at the Kitchen Counter

by Joyce Roberts Lott

220 pages
This devotional makes a great gift book, also. It is inspirational and full of devotions having to do with ordinary things in extraordinary ways. Each reading has the scripture at the top and a prayer at the end. After that there is space provided for the readerís ideas on objects in her kitchen.

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Category: Religion:Christianity
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About the Book
This devotional/inspirational book was developed as the Lord brought the various kitchen items into the author's mind, relating them to Scripture. It also gives opportunity for the reader to make notes if the devotion has inspired a similar thing in his or her mind.

I see the table as a place for individuals gathered there to create a bond. The blender is a way that two lives (husband and wife) in marriage can blend their lives together symbolically. The light switch can be the key to whether or not there is darkness in the room or not -- as Christ is the light to the world. The cookie cutter makes imprints in the dough, as a person make imprints or impressions on others. A colander can keep the ingredient in it while the liquid drains away -- separating the useful from what is not useful. Just looking around the kitchen, one can see many lessons like these.

Included in these lessons one can remember the fine dishes that someone used to use. It might be the carnival glass from the past, the antique that one's grandparent gave the family, the magnet from someone who found the saying on it so memorable and helpful....

As the travelers of old stopped at a farm, there would be a tin cup hanging on the well. Grandmother Orten had a cup at her well, and Grandpa and Grandmother Roberts had one at their farm windmill. That was a welcome sign and also one of hospitality. Water is a refreshing and quenching liquid. It keeps people hydrated, so necessary to good health. The Lord said in John 4:14 "but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.Ē



About the Author
Joyce, a Kansas native but has spent twenty-two years in Greenville, SC. She has written for Union Gospel Press over twenty years and has been a teacher (SSBS in Denver) and translator (Michelin in SC). She sees many scriptural lessons in the kitchen and writes devotions, non-fiction articles, and poetry.



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