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Rising From the Cinders by Laurie A. Morrill

Rising From the Cinders

by Laurie A. Morrill

185 pages
Laurie explains how she held onto confining emotions throughout her life until her father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. In her attempts at helping comfort him she learned Reiki and other energy modalities that open the door to not only helping him, but helping many others by telling their story in her classes and energy sessions.

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Category: Memoir
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About the Book
Laurie wrote this book in a vulnerable and honest way to help explain how holding onto confining emotions can rob you of precious time in your life. She hopes to prevent others from suffering the way she and her family did. She describes the struggles that her and her parents had with confining emotion. After losing both of her parents and witnessing how they had difficulty in releasing their old emotions and belief patterns, she unearthed ways in which she needed to heal her own life. As she searched for ways to comfort her parents in their health journeys, she learned ways that would eventually also help many others. She empowers her clients by teaching them how to change their perspectives and open their hearts to seeing confining emotions as only a guidance system and not something to punish themselves with striping themselves of their own personal power.


Your book is so honest and your story definitely came straight from the heart. As I read about your experiences in life growing up and living as an adult, mother, wife, and partner....your life patterns are scary, sad, awesome, and enlightening....and coming to the realizations you have, the journey you have been on for years getting to where you are now, and understanding what things have meant from 30-40 years ago is amazing; I was fascinated many times reading about various things like learning how you picked your parents to making some of the hardest decisions in your life about relationships, to some of the modalities you have learned is stunning....and some of the lasting friendships you have made and still have are truly a gift, I envy your authenticity.....
- Elaine
I've finished your book! I was so impressed by your writing skills and with the content, I can't begin to tell you. Many times I felt that you were writing MY story. I have spent my life having the feelings of "not mattering" or not being able to measure up to others or not being worthy. I don't know if I ever sought attention when I was little, even then I knew that my brother deserved the best of everything because he seemed so perfect in every way, but I did wish someone could see me and help me find self worth. I wonder if all little girls back then had these feelings, I don't think boys do. Sometimes I felt so sad and the things you went through and had to keep inside, I also felt you were so wonderful when you helped your parents to transition during their time of need. No one could ever ask for a more supportive or loving child. When you wrote about your drive thru the apple orchards late at night, those are the orchards that I am now living in and their beauty fills every window, giving such a feeling of comfort and being grounded. Thank you for writing your story and for all you do to help others, I know for sure that God recognizes you and sent you here to smooth other people's journeys and someday you will understand why you are such a valuable creation.
- Peggy E



About the Author
Laurie A. Morrill Laurie has taught Usui Reiki classes for the last decade as well as sharing her life experience and her parent's with her clients and students to help them balance emotional, physical, and mental pain. She learned Reiki as well as other energy modalities after her father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Her mission became to comfort and heal her father's pain. Eleven years later she would write her memoir sharing all the ways she had held onto emotions in her own life just as her mother and father had for many years, and how they taught her how to release hers, by the pain they experienced. Laurie prayed to God for assistance to help her father, and Reiki was the gift that He gave her. She has made it her life's mission after losing her parents to tell their story to help others that might be suffering and holding onto emotional baggage. She strives to empower the individuals that come to her classes or sessions and explain how important it is to release anything that is holding them back from being all they were meant to be in life.



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