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The One Natured Jesus of Meandering Mormonism by Bill Grover, D. Th.

The One Natured Jesus of Meandering Mormonism

by Bill Grover, D. Th.

126 pages
This book argues that Mormonism is wrong to teach that Christ has only one nature.

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Category: Religion:Christianity
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About the Book
This book written by an evangelical with three masters degrees and a doctorate in Christian Theology demonstrates how the LDS doctrines of revelation, the Bible, man, exaltation, Christ, and God while being complementary to the Mormon teaching of a one natured Christ, are not founded on biblical teaching but on modern supposed revelation. The writer frankly admits and illustrates how evangelical theology makes errors as well, about God and Christ, but he convincingly unpacks the rationale behind his assertions that Mormonism teaches Christ's Person quite incorrectly. One interesting part of the book compares Mormon theism to the gods of Greek mythology. The author bases his understanding on Mormonism on the writings of a number of Mormon presidents, apostles, and apologists.


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About the Author
Bill Grover, D. Th. Bill Grover has completed work for two teaching credentials, three masters degrees from the University of San Diego, Point Loma University, Oregon State University, Western Seminary, and the University of Zululand. He taught learning disabled secondary student from 1969 through 2004 and graduate distance education seminary students from 2006 through 2018. Bill is the author of "Comprehending Christ" and "Spirit and Water Baptism".



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