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Stefan's Destiny by Rosemary Gard

Stefan's Destiny

by Rosemary Gard

182 pages
1915 - Count Stefan Vladeslav finds a painting of his former wife in a gallery at Marshall Fields department store in Chicago. Speaking with the artist, he learns she now lives in New Orleans and even learns on which street she lives. Stefan travels to New Orleans to find her in the hope of reconciling their marriage. Is that Stefan's Destiny?

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About the Book
Count Stefan Vladeslav is wandering about Marshall Fields department store while waiting for his wife to be fitted for a dress. He sees the art gallery and enters, lured by a sign promising beautiful paintings of New Orleans women.

In the gallery, he finds a painting of his previous wife, Barbra, who he abandoned in Zagreb when he came to America. How could this be? A chat with the artist reveals she is, in fact, now a resident of New Orleans and he even learns on which street she lives.

His American wifeís social circles in Gary, Indiana include steel mill executives who believe the immigrant workers are lazy and despise them for getting injured on the job.

This insults Stefan. He wants to be back among his Croatian people. He wants to be back with Barbra. Is that Stefanís destiny?


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About the Author
Rosemary Gard Rosemary Gard grew up in the Croatian immigrant community of Gary, Indiana in the middle of the last century. She traveled to Croatia to live with her cousins and experience their way of life. She writes about them and their struggles and triumphs as they came to America.



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