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The Marty Graw Book by Tom Ball

The Marty Graw Book

by Tom Ball

220 pages
Humorous fiction. In 1960, a ten-year-old tells all.

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Category: Fiction:Humor
About the Book

It's 1960. Welcome to the world of ten-year-old Liam Freddy McAfee, who wants to tell you all about his family, friends, neighbors and classmates. In the process, young Liam proceeds to tell you everything that his family, friends, neighbors and classmates would just as soon you not know.

The Marty Graw Book is a prank-filled journey back to the time of Rin Tin Tin, John F. Kennedy, drop-drills and Bosco; to classrooms where armpit farts are the musique de rigueur; to an eccentric group of uncommon people, and to California days full of postwar optimism, humor and a touch of pathos.

Won't you come along for the ride?



About the Author
Tom Ball Tom Ball is a professional harmonica player, guitarist and singer who lives in California with his artist wife Laurie, two antique cats and thousands of 78 RPM records. He has nearly 150 CD credits and has authored five music books. This is his first fiction. He hopes you'll like it.



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