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Psychic Awakening, The Source, the Truth and the Meaning of Life by Dennis R. Picard, ND

Psychic Awakening, The Source, the Truth and the Meaning of Life

by Dennis R. Picard, ND

183 pages
Brian undergoes a psychic awakening during six months with his grandfather in Alaska.

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Category: Fiction:Spiritual
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About the Book

Brian Sears was a typical teenager living with his mother in Southern California until his best friend died in a car accident. The tragedy sent him into deep despair, at which time his mother decides he'd be better off living with his estranged grandfather in Alaska. Brian dreads the move because his mother has always bad-mouthed her father.

Little does Brian know, that in six short months, his life will change forever, as he undergoes his Psychic Awakening, and learns about the Source, the Truth and the Meaning of Life.

While "The Celestine Prophecy" discusses the future of humankind's development, "Psychic Awakening" examines how that development is being pushed forward by Gifted individuals living today, all around us.


...the book addresses many of our own feelings - feelings of resentment, powerlessness, anxieties etc. Readers will instantly identify the characters among their own friends and families, which will sustain their interest till the last page.
- Suman Mudamula, Book Review Club



About the Author
Dennis R. Picard, ND

Dr. Picard is an accomplished Naturopathic Physician who is an avid student of life, in all it's mystery, joy, suffering, and struggles. He holds a PhD in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University, is an Eagle Scout, and holds a BS degree in Business from Northeastern University. He currently resides in Seattle, WA.

Dr. Picard offers his philosophy of life, love, and our place in the universe and in his groundbreaking book, Psychic Awakening.



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