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The Shortcut to Persuasive Presentations by Larry Tracy

The Shortcut to Persuasive Presentations

by Larry Tracy

179 pages
A “shortcut system” to become an outstanding and persuasive speaker

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Category: Business:Communications
About the Book

"(Colonel Lawrence Tracy) has been an extraordinarily effective speaker... meeting with hundreds of audiences at the White House and in communities across the country, as well as abroad."
-- President Ronald Reagan

Who should purchase and read this Ebook?

The best answer to that question comes from Pericles, the great statesman and speaker of ancient Greece, who said,

"Those who can think, but cannot express what they think, place themselves at the level of those who cannot think."

Many people have extensive knowledge on a variety of subjects, but find it difficult to express this knowledge coherently and persuasively when speaking to groups. The Shortcut to Persuasive Presentations solves this problem. This Ebook is based on three assumptions:
(1) Excellent presentation skills are vital for people aspiring for greater success; (2) Busy people have limited time to master the art of speaking; (3) They therefore require a "shortcut" to become persuasive presenters in minimum time.

How will readers benefit from this Ebook?

They will gain an immediate "edge" over their colleagues and competitors. Being able to present persuasively in "pressure-cooker" situations is a highly valued and rare ability. "Strong presentation skills" normally tops the list of abilities needed by those aspiring to senior positions, while the inability to "stand and deliver" is frequently a career-stopper.

What makes this book different from other books on presentation skills?

Although most books on presentation skills impart excellent, valid information, there is just too much of it - lengthy checklists, countless tips, space-filling anecdotes, etc. Such books are analogous to giving a thirsty person a fire hose to drink from. This Ebook, in contrast, provides readers a logical easy-to-internalize, and systematic "game plan" which they can immediately apply to their presentations.

This Ebook differs fundamentally from the majority of such books in that it is not derivative theory, but flows from the Larry Tracy's real world experience speaking successfully to hundreds of demanding, sometimes hostile, audiences.

"In a Department that prides itself on its communication skills, you became the standard to match in public oratory."
-- Ambassador Otto Reich, U.S. Department of State

What are the key components of this Ebook?

It is organized around the steps of Planning, Practicing and Presenting: In the Planning base, readers learn to intersect their objective with their audience's needs through Larry's time-saving 3-1-2 System. In Practicing, they learn to hone their speaking skills, make their mistakes when they don't count, and anticipate questions through an easy-to-implement simulation. In Presenting, they learn techniques to convert nervousness to energy, use visuals, including PowerPoint, effectively, employ voice and body to reinforce content, and employ rhetorical devices, such as the Rhythmic Triple, to make their presentations memorable and persuasive.

"Larry Tracy is one of the most articulate advocates I've ever seen operate on the platform. He's crisp and clear, his logic and thinking first-rate. As a speech coach myself, I continue to learn from him."
-- John Jay Daly, Founder of the National Capital Speakers



About the Author
Larry Tracy is a retired Army colonel who formerly headed the Pentagon's top briefing team. He was later detailed to State Department, and gave hundreds of presentations on controversial issues before some of the country's toughest audiences. He now conducts executive training workshops for corporations and the federal government.



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