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Curmudgeons, Conundrums and Druthers That Sail by Marc C. Sherman

Curmudgeons, Conundrums and Druthers That Sail

by Marc C. Sherman

138 pages
When I first read of the “Algonquin Round Table” where George S. Kaufman, Dorothy Parker, S.J. Perelman and Harpo Marx, among other gathered, I wanted to follow in those footsteps. Curmudgeons, Conundrums and Druthers that sail is my attempt to reach the platitudes that they conquered.

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Category: Humor
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About the Book
Gather round my friends
And you’ll hear many a tale
About Curmudgeons,
and Druthers that
If you believe that your life’s
Ambitions complete,
You will change your tune
After you have occupied Sesame Street
You’ll hear the sage like reflections of a wise sexagenarian,
spoken after he naps in the family solarium
An odd Superhero locked in in the dungeon
May I introduce, “The Mighty Curmudgeon.”
Anthropomorphized creatures you’ll see,
Plus Donkeys and Elephants who serve you and me.
While on our sojourn high atop Capitol Hill,
We’ll debate Senator Crackerbarrel’s
Omnibus, Deregulation Bill.
I will introduce you to an erudite Dinosaur,
whose wonderful books are in your neighborhood bookstore,
You’ll see those that you had often admired,
despite what you’ve already heard.
Are not fully retired
You’ll soon meet Kojak, Colombo and Mortimer Snerd.
And just when you think
That you have really seen it all,
You will meet a few living legends from the game of baseball
A cabbie from one of the Stans
Whose Circuitous route through the Garden State
will change all of the family’s holiday plans.
A Passover Seder all full of tradition,
You’ll find a surprise in this child’s four question rendition.
And to top it all off, with much more than a story,
You’ll read my attempt to write allegory
A story about Those Druthers of Pine
and Gumptions made of wood so refine
and their neighbor The Umbrage, made of the Heaviest Twine
I hope you enjoy our book full of tales,
“Curmudgeons, Conundrums and Druthers that Sail



About the Author
Marc C. Sherman A 1982 Graduate of St. John’s University School of Law, Marc is entering his 36 year of Law practice in New York Metropolitan area. He wrote and published over 70 satire articles for “The Global Edition” in 2012-2013, under the pen name ”Jello Marx.” Curmudgeons…” is his third book, and his first collaboration with Gabe Schleifer. He has previously published “Memoirs of a Disgruntled Attorney" (2013) and “God’s Will” (2016).



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