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The Worth of Tears by S. Arthur Martin

The Worth of Tears

by S. Arthur Martin

138 pages
In life, we cry tears of sorrow and joy. These tears come from the deepest parts of our soul because they shed that in which we feel so strongly for. These tears come at our greatest height of sadness or happiness, they are the physical proof that emotion and love are real. Have you ever wondered what tears are worth?

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Category: Fiction:Spiritual
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About the Book
John Grove is a trauma surgeon who is living the American dream. A wife, son, dream home and car, he has everything he could hope for. There are times in life though, when we fall and fall so greatly that the way back up is much different than we could have imagined.

John decides to take a journey to redeem what he has lost yet his journey is one that consists of much time, thoughts and struggles. It is a journey that we must all take at some point, a journey that will show us the worth of what we love and strive for most. A story of love, forgiveness and redemption, The Worth of Tears is what we are all searching for.



About the Author
S. Arthur Martin affirms a revealing and candid view of the mutual lives we all share, in his novel, The Worth of Tears. He has a great delectation for humanitarian efforts and being involved in multiple ministries through his faith. A straight forward approach to life, love of family, and his faith, S. Arthur Martin writes an unforgettable story that will spur mindful consideration.



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