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Spirit and Water Baptism: 38 Issues That Divide Us by Bill Grover, D. Th.

Spirit and Water Baptism: 38 Issues That Divide Us

by Bill Grover, D. Th.

118 pages
This book explains how and why Christians disagree over the work of the Holy Spirit in baptizing believers and the meaning, purpose, and mode of water baptism.

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About the Book
The author is a Christian Theologian who has completed work for three accredited masters degrees and a doctorate in Bible and Systematic Theology. He writes with the purpose of explaining how and why Christians disagree about the meaning of Spirit and water baptism.

The first part of the book compares the Pentecostal view with a number of non-Pentecostal opinions on Spirit baptism. The teachings of several evangelists as R.A. Torrey, Charles G. Finney, and Billy Graham are discussed. In this part also the doctrines of writers as James D.G. Dunn and Frederick Dale Bruner as well as the Hyper-Dispensationalist and Wesleyan teachings on Spirit baptism are reviewed.

Then the topic of water baptism is broached. Here the Protestant denominational positions and theological systems such as the Baptist, the Hyper-Dispensational, the Lutheran, and the Reformed views, complete with numerous arguments advanced by each group, regarding believer only baptism versus infant baptism and immersion only versus baptism by sprinkling or effusion, are detailed. The study is thorough and offers a great overview of a large number of issues relative to Christian believers. The book is thoroughly documented with in text references and a complete bibliography of works cited.


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About the Author
Bill Grover, D. Th. With teaching credentials both from USD (Language Arts)and OSU (Handicapped Learner Education), Bill taught learning disabled secondary students in public schools from 1969 through 2004. Finishing three masters degrees and a doctorate in theology, he also taught seminary graduate students from 2006 to 2019. Bill lives in Oregon.



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