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Legion: An Army Of One by J. R. Schell

Legion: An Army Of One

by J. R. Schell

136 pages
Hidden in darkness, a mysterious visitor offers to save a desperate young king from the invaders on his doorstep.

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Category: Fiction:Fantasy
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About the Book
“You alone will be my army of the north. Therefore, I name you Legion,” young King Ikthos said to the mysterious intruder within his darkened bed chambers.

It was as good a name as any, the man of many faces acknowledged, knowing that the youth was desperate - even desperate enough to make a deal with a faceless devil.

Only recently, Ikthos' father had fallen in battle and taken most of the nation's might with him. Now cut off, with traitors in his courts and invaders on his border, the boy was in need of something much greater than a hero.

For his part, Legion exulted, knowing that there was no refuge from the Silent Unseen, the shadow assassins that had forged him and continued to rule the underworld. Too bad he had burned that relationship months ago, along with all the others. Legion was alone now and ready for any gamble, no matter how hopeless the odds.

Still, he hadn’t gone completely mad. Even with his subtle skills and hidden magics, he had no intention of confronting the young king’s enemies. One man taking on a nation? Surely, there were easier ways to die.

No, in the end, Legion didn’t plan to destroy his enemies. With a little finesse, he figured that they would destroy themselves.


"Action packed, with a few surprises along the way."
- K Henderson


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About the Author
After a decade following his dreams and searching the world for stories to tell, J. R. Schell resettled in the formerly mundane land of Pennsylvania, U.S. and finally started writing them down. A likely survivor of parenting, great themes flowing from great literature are an enduring passion.



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