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The Grist Mill Bone by B.B. Shamp

The Grist Mill Bone

by B.B. Shamp

368 pages
In what appears to be a safe coastal community, evil surfaces, nebulous, unnamed, and swift. Claire and Booker discover what links these evil events to an old woman preparing for death. Join them in the sequel to Third Haven as they risk everything in their pursuit of truth.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
Amidst the rural beauty of a tidal peninsula, a dog uncovers a cache of bones in the woods. Quietly, a priest refuses a starving man a ride to a free dinner. A woman finds a decomposed body floating the marsh by her farmhouse. Through it all, an old woman with no heirs makes unreasonable demands of the young attorney who writes her will.

But the proof of evil is a boy, imprisoned in a cellar, toiling for his bitter father and learning a lesson that leaves a legacy. As a homeless adult he inhabits a ruined grist mill on the banks of a silted creek.

Claire McIntosh Solomon and her husband Booker discover what links these cascading events during the old woman’s lifetime and in doing so, they risk everything that is valuable to them—their family, their home, and one another.

The Grist Mill Bone weaves two timelines from historical events in coastal Maryland with imagined events on the Delaware shore. Colloquialisms are sprinkled throughout small town life as joy and sorrow give the reader heart in a place, time, and people they know on the Eastern Shore.

B.B. Shamp won the first place award from the National Federation of Press Women and the Delaware Press Association for her debut novel, Third Haven, the prequel to The Grist Mill Bone. The last book of the trilogy, The Oxford Settlement, will be available in fall of 2020.



About the Author
B.B. Shamp lives on an inland tidal bay where she channels the beauty of coastal life in her writing. Her debut novel, Third Haven, is the first place winner from the NFPW (National Federation of Press Women). She has won other recognitions from the Delmarva Review and Salisbury University’s Poetry Week in short story and poetry. When not writing, she works on local environmental issues and providing college scholarships.



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