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The Phantom Church in Rome by T. Stanfill Benns

The Phantom Church in Rome

by T. Stanfill Benns

548 pages
There is finally an answer to why the unchangeable Catholic Church changed so drastically in the 1960s, and who engineered those changes. That answer will destroy every preconceived notion regarding religious freedom as an unalienable right, what the Catholic Church really teaches and the true meaning of biblical prophecy for the latter days.

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About the Book
The church people believe to be Catholic today, as its members have experienced it and understood it for the past nearly 60 years, is not the same Church Christ established on earth; it was hijacked in 1958 by those who long ago expressed their intent to overthrow the papacy then destroy the Church, replacing it with a harmless substitute. But the Church cannot change as She Herself infallibly teaches. Christ is the Founder of the Church; His Vicars merely convey His own message, with the guarantee that in so doing, they cannot err. Christ promised to be with his Church until the consummation; but Holy Scripture also prophesies that the shepherd will be struck, and the sheep will be scattered.

The Phantom Church in Rome explains how such a thing could happen, why it happened and who was responsible for infiltrating and corrupting the Church. The book shows those who wish to be true Catholics but never knew what happened to their Church what the true Catholic Church teaches and why it could never teach any differently today than it did in 1958, 1858 or any time before. Using papal documents from all periods of the Church’s long history, it demonstrates that the Masonic and Modernist plot to erase all vestiges of Catholic truth has succeeded and what remains can only be explained as the reign of Antichrist.

Our Lord has not abandoned His Church. As the Head of the Mystical Body, He is with Her today and will be with Her until the very end. The book explains how Catholics can keep their faith in these times without falling prey to false christs and wolves who ravage the flock. What lies ahead for the Church? Only one of two things: Either a glorious restoration under a miraculously elected pope or the Final Judgment. Thy will be done on earth!



About the Author
T. Stanfill (Teresa L.) Benns is a life-long Catholic. A wife and mother of four, she has been writing and researching articles on the unchangeable Catholic Church since 1979. She is the primary author of a work self-published in 1990 and also has written five ebooks.



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