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Helen's Crusade by Trula Michaels LaCalle

Helen's Crusade

by Trula Michaels LaCalle

332 pages
Set in the heart of cosmopolitan cities and South American world wonders, Helen's Crusade is a woman's journey to self-discovery, as she seeks to fulfill the wishes of her father and discovers the one that truly matters is her own.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
Stuck in a deteriorating marriage with an ineffectual and apathetic husband, Helen tries with wavering success to fulfill her fatherís last wish: to re-develop the wild chinchilla population. A radical animal rights group, an internal mole, and a mysterious, handsome, and worldly European all distract Helen and threaten to derail her plans. Yet, beneath her fatherís last hope, Helenís own dreams and desires re-awaken and emerge. Will Helen fulfill her fatherís wishes? Can her marriage withstand external temptations and sexual desire? Can Helen follow her own heart by bravely putting herself first?


"Eat, Pray, Love" meets "Wild" meets "Out of Africa", Helen's Crusade is a courageous story of an ambitious woman seeking and finding her true self. LaCalle's descriptions of places are as rich as her characters are passionate. This story is a good reminder that it Ūs never too late for a person to discover who they really are.
- Jana Doughty, actor and media writer
I am so excited! I have discovered a terrific new author who understands about real world relationships in this era of accomplished women wanting a satisfying career and the recognition that comes from it -- as well as love.
- Elizabeth Anderson, artist
Everyone who reads this book will learn that chinchillas in the wild are endangered, that the domestication of chinchillas has the potential to contribute to their ultimate survival as a species, that passion even about good causes may run amok, and that right and wrong are not as clear as we would like.
- Judith Stone, M.Div.



About the Author
Trula Michaels LaCalle Trula LaCalle, Ph.D. has had careers as an educator, clinical psychologist, organizational development consultant, and nonprofit executive director. Helen's Crusade is her second published book but her debut novel. Her avocation is painting abstract art. She has two adult children and four grandchildren. Trula lives in Santa Rosa, California.



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