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NEWTUCKET - The Rising by Richard Hughes and Lavinia Hughes

NEWTUCKET - The Rising

by Richard Hughes and Lavinia Hughes

210 pages
A new land mass the size of New York's Long Island suddenly rises in the Atlantic Ocean off New England's coast.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi
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About the Book
After a protracted leadership rest, America had emerged from its deep slumber and returned to its better, NASA-like, days of mandates, missions, and accomplishments. The rest of the planet, too, breathed a figurative sigh of relief that the America that spirited the western world after WWII was back in the role of global authority, abandoning its inward nationalistic period of sniping and civil unrest.

Then in 2026, rising from the depths off the coast of New England, Newtucket Island emerged and challenged the President of the United States to truly make a new isle “great.” Can it survive the difficulties with developing infrastructure, pressures from big money opportunists, the parochialism of local politics, a cynical alt-different political agenda, out of control autonomous ships, North Korean submarine interlopers, Arabian Sea pirates, aggrieved dolphins, and myriad geopolitical and oceanographic challenges?


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About the Author
Richard Hughes is a graduate of Massachusetts Maritime Academy and holds a Master’s Degree in Business from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA. Having retired from his career as a safety consultant and safety trainer, he became a student of modern worldwide shipping operations. He is the author of two non-fiction books and three fiction books in the Hazard Elimination, Inc. series. He has published articles in various safety magazines and wrote four screenplays. He resides and writes on Cape Cod with his wife Lavinia Hughes.

Lavinia Hughes has edited several non-fiction and fiction books for two decades and has authored dozens of short stories, novelettes, and screenplays in a wide range of genres. This is her first collaboration on a full-length novel.



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