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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: There IS a Cure by Patricia Jane Taylor

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: There IS a Cure

by Patricia Jane Taylor

95 pages
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the holistic/metaphysical cure Patricia found

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About the Book

Patricia found a cure for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome using a holistic Japanese healing art, as well as several metaphysical methods, such as positive affirmations, prayer and spiritual counseling.

Patricia did not accept the "there is no cure" prognosis from her doctor. There was a total lack of help from doctors in western medicine. She suffered a long time and searched everywhere until she finally found a solution in the holistic and metaphysical community.

After suffering with CFS for eleven years Patricia is now well. This is the story of her struggles with the many symptoms of CFS such as memory loss, cognitive problems, mood swings, panic attacks, food allergies, extreme fatigue, loss of libido, crippling depression, fibromyalgia and her resulting financial ruin.

Now Patricia is sharing what she has learned in hopes of helping some of the millions of people who cope with this disease. She gives the reader hints on how to deal with everyday problems such as trying to remember your own phone number, finding your car in a mall parking lot, how to make your house look clean when it isn't and positive affirmations for people to begin to see their disease in a different light.

She tells the reader about different kinds of Assistive Technology that will help them cope better with their symptoms. One chapter discusses "Sick Building Syndrome" and how it can make CFS symptoms worse or be mistaken for CFS. Also listed are helpful web sites.

In the final chapter entitled "Look At Me Now!" you can read about the wonderful progress the author has made and how drastically her life has changed now that she is "among the living" again. She can walk several miles before needing a rest, can go to the health club and work out, needs only eight or nine hours of sleep, and her libido has returned (hooray)! Her cognitive abilities have come back full force enabling her to write, edit and promote this book. She has also begun to write her second book!

The greatest strides have come in her spiritual life. Through many different healing modalities she now feels lighter, freer, happier, joyful and peaceful - all of which were elusive during her CFS years.

If she can get well, you can get well.



About the Author

Patricia is a free-lance writer living on a beautiful geese-filled lake on the North Shore of Boston with her cat 'Sweetie'. She no longer has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and is now living a 'normal' life. She is single and has no children but hopes to find her Twin Flame soul mate soon.

She states, "I've begun writing a second book. This one is about my past lives. Using hypnosis to go back in time and relive history as it was made is so fascinating! I can't wait to see what interesting past life will reveal itself next! I could never have written the first book, let alone another one if I had not been healed. I simply would not have had the desire, energy or brainpower to do it."

Patricia wishes love and light to all those of you who are still sick.



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