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Safe Passage by Brett Diffley

Safe Passage

by Brett Diffley

300 pages
A continuation of the Davenport series, Safe Passage picks up where Black Dawn left off. With the Rickter plague sweeping across the globe, Reed and TJ are in the Arctic to cleanup an oil spill but all is not as it appears and soon they find themselves stranded in an unforgiving world, and fighting the pirates who put them there.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
Safe Passage is a thrilling, heart-pounding, continuation of the Pinnacle Award winning Davenport series.

Leaders in the cleaning of the world’s oceans, Crude Technologies has been called in to contain an oil slick from a Nigerian tanker—presumed sunk—in the Arctic Ocean. This sends Reed Davenport and True John to that remote and inhospitable part of the world. On board the ocean tug Freelance, they are to meet up with the skimmer Goliath already on site. But when they arrive, the skimmer is nowhere to be found. Adding to the mystery, this area has been plagued with the recent demise of more than a dozen ships. A harrowing journey ensues for Reed and TJ when they are attacked, and to unravel the enigmatic and deadly plot they will be pushed to their very limits. To succeed will require determination, cunning, and a will to survive in one of the world’s harshest climates.


“As the Rickter plague wreaks havoc worldwide, a complex story unfolds in the Arctic. Showcasing the amazing resiliency and skill shown by both TJ and Reed, the story of a complicated pirate ring will leave the reader on the precipice, before an amazing conclusion. New characters and a fantastic new partnership with an old cold-war foe adds richness to this chapter of the Reed Davenport series.”
- John Sobeck, MD
“One of my favorites in the series so far, hope this series of the Davenports never ends!”
- Dayna Garner
“Gripping thriller! Once I started this book, I couldn’t put it down!”
- Carol Diaz


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About the Author
Brett Diffley • Author - Brett Diffley
• Born in Anchorage, Alaska
• Raised in Tri-Cities, Washington
• Attended Finley High School
• Living in Black Diamond, Washington

“Adventure lurks in the soul of each of us to varying degrees, and there are some of us that seek it out, making us better for it.”—Brett Diffley



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