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Naked Listening: The Wisdom of Transparency by Alan Hundley

Naked Listening: The Wisdom of Transparency

by Alan Hundley

294 pages
At its core this memoir is a look at being willing to divest ourselves of judgement, prejudice, and pettiness to uncover a heart that longs to be seen. These vignettes, essays and poems are a testimonial to the power inherent in relinquishing a modicum of control of what most of us so steadfastly want to hold onto---our self-image.

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About the Book
As a college student in the early 1970s, I chose to step out of academia and into a yoga studio. I began the process of being aware that I was aware. I learned to meditate, to play music, to dance, and to sing. On the way I found that being present has much to offer if we simply listen and follow the true thread of the life we were meant to embody.

Dancing to the beat of a different drum is not always easy. Going against the grain can be prickly and sometimes begs the question: Isnít there an easier solution? Through it all I learned that there are messengers around every corner, waiting to inform us of our true nature. For me these messengers were sometimes subtle, and at other times slapped me upside the head. In these pages I have given voice to some of my inner longing to be seen for who I am rather than what I do or how I wish to be seen. I had the understanding many years ago that fantasy and magical thinking are seductive and can lead to self-absorption, ego fixation and pretending to be someone other than who I am.

So, who am I? That is always the question. Throughout these stories and poems my intention was to draw out what was within. Working as a massage therapist, yoga and tai chi teacher for over 40 years was not how I envisioned myself in my formative early adult life. But circumstance and serendipity are always offering an alternative for those with the eyes to see and the ears to hear. How easy to spend an entire life wondering where the pot of gold is and never realize that it is in the palm of your hand.


Hundley paints small, thoughtful portraits of a life lived adventurously. His warmth and generosity make for a joyful read.
- Karen Novak, Author of The Leslie Stone series
It's rare to find the kind of storytelling we encounter in Naked Listening--completely candid, entirely lacking in pretense or aggrandizement. A collection of both prose and poetry,the tales that make up Alan Hundley's remarkable memoir hold the reader spellbound. His voice in each piece is humble, artful, and forthright.
- Laurie Lambert, Author
Naked Listening is easily relatable to so many of the baby boomer generation. We had our beginnings in the aftermath of a world war, experienced childhoods under threat of nuclear annihilation, came of age in an era of peace, love, and exploration of philosophies outside the grid of Western belief systems. Alan Hundley revisits and reclaims the elemental ingredients of our common past.
- Laura Lander, Author



About the Author
Alan Hundley Alan Hundley is a native of rural Kentucky. After graduation from the University of Louisville in 1972, he was introduced to yoga, dance, music and theater. Later he found a career in massage therapy which spanned 40 years. He lives with his wife Kathleen in Cincinnati, Ohio.



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