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Journey Within by F. L. Yeldar

Journey Within

by F. L. Yeldar

140 pages
In 1990 Kattherine Fraser remembers words her father uttered a couple of years before he died unexpectedly in 1957, when she was nine. As meaningful coincidences occur, her follow up actions enable her to escape from her violent husband. And her journey of self-discovery has begun.

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Category: Memoir
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About the Book
In 2015 a particular television report propels Kate Carmichael out of her comfort zone to start telling her story. The story a psychic,many years before, had predicted she would write one day.

As she writes Kate is amazed at what she finds as doors, hidden before, begin to open for her to walk through to discover missing pieces of her life puzzle.

She realises these pieces would have remained hidden had she not first healed, then followed the clues she was led to within the pages of her story.


I think it was more than a story of one woman’s journey to finding and saving her real self, I think it is a reminder that power to be the author of your own life events lies within. Well worth the read.
- Leighann, Queensland
Personal and raw, with threads of self-help for readers who are maybe seeking assurance that help is always available.
- MAW, Western Australia
Author’s initials F.L.Y. could also stand for First Love Yourself and with a destination filled with happiness, joy and an authentic sense of self, Kate’s story, Journey Within led her to that place.
- MC, Queensland
For those of us that recognise that we are all on a spiritual journey your story encourages us to listen to our inner knowing and be aware of the ‘signposts’ as they may not always show up as we expect.
- M.R., Western Australia
A very easy read that carries you through the author’s traumas and victories to a recognition of her very own place in the cosmos.
- David Hamer, Wales
This book had me hooked 2 pages in. A true hero, within herself, “Kate” shows how love, determination and following your heart and intuition can conquer all of life’s obstacles.
- T.W., Queensland
Struggle, guidance, and then happiness achieved; in Journey Within Kate pays tribute to those who helped her achieve happiness on her own terms.
- T.G., Victoria


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About the Author
F.L.Yeldar became an unwitting author, many years after a psychic predicted she would one day write about her life.

The seed was planted back then and in Journey Within F.L.Y. tells how and why her story came about. She is from Australia.



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