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Little Mouse: The Mouse Who Lived With Henry David Thoreau at Walden Pond by Bill Montague

Little Mouse: The Mouse Who Lived With Henry David Thoreau at Walden Pond

by Bill Montague

80 pages
A factual Fairy-tale based on the mouse who lived at Walden Pond with Henry David Thoreau as he mentioned in the chapter: “Brute Neighbors.”

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Category: Fiction:Children
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About the Book
This story is based on facts from Henry David Thoreau’s book Walden (first published in 1854) and his Journal. It follows his life at Walden Pond step by step in the building of his house and through the months he spent recording his thoughts. In Walden, in the chapter titled Brute Neighbors while building his house, Thoreau mentioned a mouse who became friendly with him just after he had laid down the first layer of floor boards.

In Little Mouse ten of Thoreau’s interesting statements are woven into the story, then translated into “Mouse Talk” for young readers to understand. It is my hope that this book will inspire children (and you to) to read Walden one of the great masterpieces of American Literature.



About the Author
Bill Montague The author is a business owner who runs his own Gallery in Concord, Mass. for over 41 years. Writing was just a side line to his main business. He never expected to become an author!

After writing, self-publishing and selling over 12, 000 copies of Little Mouse in his own gallery, he found himself a self-published author. Recently he was asked how many books have you written and self-published? The answer was over 17,000. His other book, The Concord Guidebook, he wrote and also self-published and sold 5,000. He never set out to be an author, but now to his own surprise, he is.



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