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The Celibates: A Serial Killer Mystery by Alan Evetts Cooper

The Celibates: A Serial Killer Mystery

by Alan Evetts Cooper

425 pages
Knoxville, Tennessee detective, Julie Boucher investigates a cluster of brutal murders. Gynecologist, Lynn Greer, faces Evangelical opposition to Family Planning services at her clinic. A female dominatrix, seduces a disaffected Christian celibate. These interwoven lives are changed forever, after a scandal rattles the clinic.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery:Detective
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About the Book
Set against the backdrop of a traditionally conservative South, a kaleidoscope of colorful characters and intricate sub-plots exist in an environment, paradoxically undermined by poverty, alcohol abuse and the current nationwide drug epidemic.

Julie Boucher, a Knoxville, Tennessee police detective, investigates prostitution, narcotics trafficking, outlaw biker gangs, amphetamine cookers, automotive theft, and social welfare fraud. But she also encounters a series of brutal murders that only culminate in investigative dead ends. Is there any possibility they are linked?

James Ewell Brown, an avowed Christian celibate whose hypocritical Pastor causes him to lose faith in God, engages in a relationship with a virgin dominatrix.

Dr. Lynn Greer, a gynecologist specializing in Family Planning and In Vitro Fertilization is the director of a new clinic, offering a comprehensive range of women's services, including pregnancy terminations. But she faces significant obstacles in a culture dominated by radical pro-life Christian Evangelists.

Julie and Lynn meet after the doctor is assaulted following a pro-life demonstration, and then again after the sadistic murder of a pregnant home-based prostitute.

The clinic itself becomes a focal point, where a bomb threat exposes an internal scandal with far reaching consequences that radically alters everyone’s lives.



About the Author
Dr. Cooper is a retired physician who lives with his wife in Southampton, on the East End of Long Island, New York. He is Board Certified in two specialties and has a Master’s degree. After a thirty-five-year career as a clinician and hospital administrator, he now enjoys boating, fishing, golf, and volunteers for several local charitable organizations



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