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HOW TO BUILD THE PERFECT OFF-GRID HOME: Let The Sun Rain Down On Your Solar by Roxyann Spanfelner


by Roxyann Spanfelner

186 pages
Let The Sun Rain Down On Your Solar solidifies abstract ideas and dreams into concrete form explaining How To Build And Power A Perfect Off-Grid Home. How? Spanfelner, who built a remote off-grid home with husband Gary 9 years ago, offers practical advice to navigate the complex, perplexing process – simplifying it with step-by-step instructions.

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About the Book
Determine whether it is better for you to go gridless or modify your energy grid-based system

Design a floor plan utilizing the best passive and active energy options including deep porch overhangs for cooling

Find the right contractors to oversee the project and set up a contract

Select the right building materials, appliances, and lighting to maximize energy savings

Assess the pros and cons of wind and solar energy alternative-power systems including generator options

Create and operate your own “private utility company” for power generation, waste disposal and water collection for use with fire hydrants coupled to a 3000 gallon water storage tank and booster pump system that also irrigates orchard and provides backup water storage

Set up a maintenance schedule for your system including how to equalize the batteries


Ms. Spanfelner does a wonderful job researching and explaining the step-by-step process of a life-changing project in a manner both personal and universal...The Introduction: Where It All Began is very romantic. And the closing is inspiring -- with her thanking God for the success of the project. It is gratifying to know many others will be able to learn from this couple’s thoughtfully described experience.
- Dr. Ruth Ward Ph.D in Hispanic Literature, U.C. Davis
A must read for anyone considering living off grid… avoid the pitfalls of building as well as the steps to take when considering this lifestyle. As she takes you through the steps with insights and humor you’re caught up in their struggles and triumphs. Whether considering a cabin or mansion, this book is for you.
- Lana Forster, Secretary; Shasta College, Extended Education
This book is the most intelligent, rational, practical and even entertaining How To Book I have ever read. Reading How To Books is one of my hobbies; one never knows what one can learn from them. I consider this book a role model for Off Grid construction of homes and larger buildings. The only thing missing is a better close-up picture of Roxyann -- and well -- of her husband too. On a scale 1-10 I'd give the book a 10.
- John Mertens, Boeing Aeronautical Engineer (Retired)



About the Author
Roxyann Spanfelner Spanfelner and husband Gary live on their off-grid cattle ranch with Greta, their Belgian Shepard, joining about a million others across America. Maybe you should too! If you’re on the fence, this book will have you leaping over it into “greener pastures” –reaping the rewards of total self-sufficiency.



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