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A Gift...Only Borrowed by Kirk Spencer

A Gift...Only Borrowed

by Kirk Spencer

124 pages
A Gift...Only Borrowed is the compelling narrative of a young father going through the challenges surrounding his family during the death of one of his children

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Category: Memoir
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About the Book
"A Gift...Only Borrowed" is a compelling narrative of the recollection of what it is like to be a young father shrouded by the challenges surrounding his family's life during an extremely difficult time, the death of one of his children.

Navigating the maze through the death of a child can be a bumpy road. Those jumbled twists and turns are usually viewed through weary and teary eyes.

Did I have all the answers to survive this journey? I'm not sure I even knew all the right questions to ask.

You may be familiar with the destination, but might not recognize the trip taken, one heart beat at a time.

"God doesn't promise us an easy journey...just a safe place to land."



About the Author
Kirk Spencer has been married to his wife of forty years, has two grown children and seven grandchildren. He is retired after forty-five years as a business manager in various aspects of the food retailing industry.



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