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...I meant those other people. A Snapshot Memoir of an HIV Tester by Corella Payne

...I meant those other people. A Snapshot Memoir of an HIV Tester

by Corella Payne

154 pages
Conversations about HIV disease can bring forth reactions ranging from comprehension, to fear. This book seeks to encourage having honest discussions to reach a clearer, fact-based understanding of the virus, as well as ensuring fair, respectful treatment for all those impacted as well as affected by HIV/AIDS, everywhere.

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Category: Education
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About the Book
As an HIV Counsselor, Tester, and Health Educator, I have had conversations that were amazing, enlightening, unsettling, and unexpected. There is still fear, strong dislike, ignorance, and misinformation about HIV disease, as well as the kinds of people that will supposedly contract the virus.

Many of those conversations pertaining to HIV disease intersect with race, gender, sexuality, income, and religion. It is my hope that this book will encourage dialogue and stimulate new discussion among those intersections, as well as rethink how our sexual, and other behaviors, impact ourselves, and the well-being of others.



About the Author
Corella Payne, M.ED, MPH, RPCV/CCV/Ecuador, is a former HIV Counselor and Tester, as well as a former Health Educator for a variety of populations. She is an avid community gardener, volunteers at her church as time allows, and enjoys travel projects that have both mission and purpose.



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