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A House in Villejuif by Bruce E. Slasienski

A House in Villejuif

by Bruce E. Slasienski

328 pages
A couple uncovers the secret of misappropriated property in Paris.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
About the Book

Just when you thought World War II was really over, a retired CIA Officer and his Swiss wife stumble into Europe to retire. On a visit to Paris, they start looking at some real estate that once belonged to her Mother's family.

"How come you don't own it any more?" he innocently asks.

That starts them on the trail to an adventure that leads the couple higher and higher into the French aristocracy and the seemy underside of Paris. They suddenly find themselves in a situation where they need to use all the training and survival skills they learned at the Agency.

From Paris to Geneva and back again, someone is trying to lead them away from the truth, someone has the Police after them, someone is trying to get them sent back to the United States--and someone is trying to kill them. Someone collaborated with the Nazis and doesn't want the fact brought out.

This novel sweeps from the elegance Geneva's Lake shore to Paris--the glitzy and the chique as well as the flesh pots and dirt--in a story that needs to be told and never fails to deliver.



About the Author
Bruce Slasienski retired from the US Government after 25 years of servive split between the US Air Force and the CIA. He has written several novels involving the themes of Intelligence Operations and World War II and a combination of both. He lived in Geneva Switzerland with his wife.



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