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The Powers That Be Part III: The Magic Returns by Thomas W. Brucato

The Powers That Be Part III: The Magic Returns

by Thomas W. Brucato

274 pages
In attempting to return to the magical, holy land they once helped save, two friends are confronted by a mysterious messenger. This messenger speaks of a new danger they must overcome, and a mysterious price they will have to pay. How great will be the cost of their return?

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
Two years have passed since Michael Pierce and Dan Renhoff returned to the Outer World. For Michael it has been two years of restlessness, grief, guilt, and increasing anger.

Feeling abandoned by all except his closest friend, Michael conceives a plan to return to Inner Earth, vowing to “set things right.” Uncertain of Michael’s exact meaning but hoping his plan will lead to some badly needed closure, Dan accompanies him to what they believe will once again be the entrance to that magical land.

But they find themselves confronted by a mysterious messenger, a being that speaks of a need they must promise to meet and a price they must pay. Will Michael and the Holy Presence be enough to meet this need? And, more importantly, what will be the price of their return?


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About the Author
Thomas W. Brucato Thomas W. Brucato is the author of many sports books and science fiction and fantasy novels, including The Powers That Be Parts I and II. He and his wife, Julie, reside in Cincinnati, Ohio with their daughter, Kathryn, and their two dogs, Minnie and Jasmine.



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