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The Quest for the Crown of Thorns by Cynthia Ripley Miller

The Quest for the Crown of Thorns

by Cynthia Ripley Miller

280 pages
A Roman senator’s daughter and her warrior husband must solve a gruesome murder, a mysterious riddle, and complete one of history’s most challenging missions in The Quest for the Crown of Thorns: Book Two of the Long-Hair Saga

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Category: Fiction:Romance:Historical
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About the Book
AD 454. Three years after the Roman victory over Attila the Hun at Catalaunum, Arria Felix and Garic the Frank are married and enjoying life on Garic’s farm in northern Gaul (France). Their happy life is interrupted when a cryptic message arrives from Arria’s father, the esteemed Senator Felix, calling them to Rome. At Arria’s insistence, but against Garic’s better judgment, they leave at once.

On their arrival at Villa Solis, they are confronted with a brutal murder and a dangerous mission. The fate of a profound and sacred object—Christ’s Crown of Thorns—rests in their hands. They must carry the holy relic to the safety of Constantinople, away from a corrupt emperor and old enemies determined to steal it for their own gain. But a greater force arises against them—a secret cult who will commit any atrocity to capture the Crown. All the while, the gruesome murder and the conspiracy behind it haunt Arria’s thoughts.

Arria and Garic’s marital bonds are tested but forged as they partner together to fulfill one of history’s most challenging missions, The Quest for the Crown of Thorns.


“In this thriller, set in fifth-century Rome, rivals race to possess Christ’s crown of thorns. Ripley Miller (On the Edge of Sunrise 2015) astutely brings to life a Rome teetering precariously on the brink of collapse … The plot advances energetically, and the combination of political and romantic drama—spiritual as well—is rousing. The reader should be glad to have read this volume and eager for a third. Intelligent and artfully crafted historical fiction … .”
- - Kirkus Reviews ~ The Quest for the Crown of Thorns: Book Two of the Long-Hair Saga
“From cover to cover a gripping read – in all senses of the word! Grips your interest and imagination, your held breath and your pounding heart! A thumping good novel!”
- -Helen Hollick USA Today bestselling author of the Sea Witch Voyages
“The Quest for the Crown of Thorns is an elegant masterpiece of historical fiction. This book totally ensnared me in its clasps, and it did not release me until I had read it all. The attention to detail was exquisite ~ The characterisation was sublime, and the romance was breathtakingly beautiful. I adored the world that Miller has created, as well as the characters in it. This is a sit-down and finish book and is one I would Highly Recommend.”
- -Mary Anne Yarde author of the Du Lac Chronicles


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About the Author
Cynthia Ripley Miller Cynthia Ripley Miller is a first generation Italian-American writer with a love for history, languages, and books. She has lived, worked, and traveled in Europe, Africa, North America and the Caribbean. She holds two degrees, has taught history and teaches English. Her short fiction has appeared in the anthology Summer Tapestry, at Orchard Press and The Scriptor. A Ring of Honor-Circle of Books Award winner and Chanticleer International Chatelaine Award finalist for her novel, On the Edge of Sunrise, she has reviewed for UNRV Roman History, and blogs at Historical Happenings and Oddities: A Distant Focus and on her website, Cynthia Ripley Miller. Cynthia lives with her family, her cat, Romulus, and Jessie, a German Shepherd, in a suburb of Chicago. On the Edge of Sunrise and The Quest for the Crown of Thorns are the first two novels in her Long-Hair Saga series set in Late Ancient Rome and France.



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