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The Saga of Riley Robinson by FRED M. PLAVNEY

The Saga of Riley Robinson


240 pages
Life in a small town--this humorous novel could be written about any small town in America and the different personalities of the inhabitants

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Category: Fiction:Humor
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About the Book
Riley Robinson arrived in Newbie town a penniless drifter. He could be described as the lovable rogue. With his charismatic mannerisms, sparkling blue eyes, and devious personality, was able to acquire great wealth.

Riley Robinson acquired his successes by any means necessary however never was any of his actions violent.

Two other main characters in the novel Bennie and Freddie acquired their successes by applying that age old formula of hard work and Yankee ingenuity. The novel traces their lives from their formative years to adulthood

Along the way other main fictional characters and their significant contributions to this novel include Earnestine the ex wife, the intelligent ex girl friend Dorcas, the beautiful creole singer Avalon, and the son of the area's leading philanthropist Joe Summerville Jr.

Other minor characters and places that makes this a very readable humorous novel are Uncle Joe the coin machine operator-Ted the Banker-Ethyl the hotel owner-Mabel's diner-the local newspaper the Leader-Patsy beer garden-and oh so many others. This will be one of those can't put it down novel.



About the Author
FRED M. PLAVNEY The author is a university graduate with a great sense of humor. He served his country in the USAF. He is retired and lives in Roanoke Va. He can be reached by phone at 813-310-1468 or by email at



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