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LAVACA GALLOWS: The Hoskins Hanging by Kenneth Gentile

LAVACA GALLOWS: The Hoskins Hanging

by Kenneth Gentile

366 pages
A brotherís betrayal ignites a Texas range war leaving men in a struggle over land and cattle. All the while bolstered by the loyalty of their women, themselves compelled to suppress their desires and rivalries. A fragile mediation fails, leading to desperation and a Lavaca Gallows.

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Category: Fiction:Westerns
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About the Book
Jago Gist's dreams for his Lazy G Ranch stand on the cusp of fruition when friend and neighbor Calhoun Hoskins is betrayed. The threat to Hoskins's BlueHill Ranch quickly pulls Jago into the struggle.

Jago and Calhoun rely on their frontier skills but also on the mettle and devotion of their women. Driven by determination and desire, the alluring Liliana and Calhoun's sister, Eliza, prove themselves dedicated and selfless in the face of the onslaught.

Texas in 1884 is moving to the rule of law, but not fast enough. It may be that paid guns and lawyers cannot save BlueHill. Survival may rest on an act of desperation, an ultimate sacrifice to protect the Hoskins legacy.



About the Author
For a second career, the author chose to build a small cattle ranch. Here he reads a variety of genres, enjoying most those stories with complicated plots carried by profound, well-developed characters. In addition to reading, writing, and working cattle he stays busy with grandchildren, forensic engineering, and training his Australian Shepherd.



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