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Leather to Steel by Clint Goodwin

Leather to Steel

by Clint Goodwin

490 pages
Experience history through courageous horses’ eyes during the Great War.

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
Experience history through the eyes of courageous horses whose herds were torn apart during the Great War. Two black stallions are caught up in the fog-of-war carrying cavalrymen towards victory and defeat. Only one comes home.

Leather to Steel highlights the struggles between American neutrality and European aggression during the early Twentieth Century. The story lines weave together families connected by their pasts. The Indian Wars veteran —Jeremiah— trying to raise a multi-race family in a white man’s world. The wealthy spinster —Allison— whose tenacious determination for equality finds her true love on European battlefields. An era of desperation where a childless couple is blessed with the orphans of war.

The book’s characters’ endure trials and tribulations experienced fighting for freedom; as I did fighting alongside very brave men and women during Operation Iraqi Freedom. This post-war project gave me another opportunity to safely express unwanted feelings through the eyes of a horse. Writing continues to be truly healing.



About the Author
Clint Goodwin Award-winning author Clint Goodwin promotes American history through the eyes of cavalry horses. He writes for readers who value historic-fictions, equestrian work life and patriotic service. Clint drew upon extensive personal wartime service to define realistic emotions true to the story’s theme and commitment to characterizing authentic behaviors.



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