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Legacy of Death by Nash Black

Legacy of Death

by Nash Black

176 pages
Terror and murder haunt a legacy of death.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
Flashes of a past laced with fear haunt Catherine Stanley when her mirror image proposes they trade lives. Uniting in fear and hopelessness the look-a-likes stage a dangerous gamble and change identities. Catherine, as Adrian Blair, flees from Maine to Kentucky to hide from a bleak residue of her lost past and accept a legacy which cancer prevented the real Adrian from living to claim.

Desperate for friends to share her lonely exile, Adrian bonds with two young women whose husbands died under mysterious circumstances. The authorities declared the deaths accidental, but the widows maintain their husbands were murdered.

Rivers Parish, the new sheriff of Ono County, wanders the dark back roads searching for clues as to who is wrecking havoc on his watch knowing full-well the local citizens are not forthcoming with information to a stranger.

Death and dying are accepted as part of life in Ono County, but when the tranquil peace of their community is shattered by the brutal beating deaths of a high school senior and a young waitress it becomes everyone's concern to uncover the hidden current of evil that has invaded their lives.

Terrified her imposture will be exposed Adrian struggles to remain hidden in the background. Caught in a crossfire of malignant forces that conspire to destroy her friends she grapples to endure against the violence of a maelstrom. Can she survive long enoough to claim her legacy of death?



About the Author
Nash Black Nash Black is a forty year partnership of Ford Nashett and Irene Black.They retired to a lakeside home with two dogs to write Ono County mysteries and ghost stories. Storytelling is a cultural tradition in the Cumberland foothills where murder and ghosts are a way of life.



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